Boston University

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I define success as staring defeat in the face, and conquering it. I believe that the journey to success begins with college. In addition, I believe the journey begins at Boston University. Boston University is a highly respected establishment well known for providing an above average education in their schools of Law, Business Management, Medicine, Engineering, and Education. Boston University is one of the largest independent, nonprofit universities in the country. Boston University is located in Boston, one of the most historically relevant towns thriving today. The highly recognized institution was founded in 1839. In the 20th century, Boston was known as the “Athens of America” due to its many educational facilities, and large student population. The nickname is still applicable today given that Boston is home to more than one hundred colleges, and universities, many of which are considered the best among the world. The college town has many different historical sights to see ranging from the first Black Baptist Church, also called the African Meeting House, to the New England...
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