Boston Red Sox Prospect Analysis: Bryce Brentz

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No argument can be made against the fact that the Boston Red Sox are a team with a ton of depth all over the field. They have a plethora of pitchers, advanced catching prospects, a prodigy shortstop prospect, four men projected to make the opening day roster who can play first base, not to mention they won a World Series last year. Boston seems to have a ton of depth except for outfielders in the minor leagues. Sure Boston has six men that can play the position well at the major league level, but what if something were to happen to one of those men causing them to miss playing time. On the 40-man roster, there are only two outfielders not projected to make the active roster. These men are Alex Hassan and Bryce Brentz, neither of which has a day of MLB experience. Let’s take a look at Bryce Brentz. As a baseball player, Brentz being a middle linebacker in football in high school brings that football mentality onto the baseball diamond. He is a very strong guy with a ton of power at the plate and a strong throwing arm in the field. In college, he was clocked at 93mph throwing from the outfield which shows really how strong his arm is. He is a bit aggressive at the plate, however his pitch recognition is improving and he has become a little more patient as of recent. In the 2010 MLB draft, the Boston Red Sox picked Kolbrin Vitek, Bryce Brentz, and Anthony Ranaudo in the first round. Vitek was known for his contact hitting, Ranaudo his dominance on the mound, and Brentz for being a big time power hitter. In 2009 Brentz clipped 28 homeruns with 19 doubles and two triples for Middle Tennessee State over the course of 60 games while boasting a .465 batting average and a .541 OBP. His junior year, his numbers slipped a bit but still ma... ... middle of paper ... OBP, it is tough to imagine they would break the trend to get more power in an already power-packed lineup. It will definitely be interesting to see though, and as his career progresses how much playing time he ends up receiving. To recap, Bryce Brentz is a very strong guy who has the potential to hit some serious homeruns and get some assists in the outfield. Although his plate discipline could use some work, he is proving that he is almost ready for the big leagues and should be there at some point this year. The Boston Red Sox do have a lot of outfield depth in the Majors, but some of those players will be gone after this season. With this being said, a spot could potentially open up and if Bryce Brentz does as well as he should, there is no doubt that he will be a Major League player for the Boston Red Sox. Follow me Twitter @CLNS_Tom and thanks for reading.

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