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I got the call from mom that I get the chance to go to Boston, Massachusetts with her and my dad. I felt thrilled to go there, none the less a place I have always wanted to go visit for a while. With this in mind, I had no idea what I am going to get myself into going there. I instantly conceived of all the films I have looked on internet, TV set and parents speaking about it. As a result of this amazing experience was, here is what I learned from being in Boston as an outsider. In fact, with all those tall skyscrapers touching the clouds at the very top. I recalled to myself what I am drawing myself into. First, it all started when my dad got the call from work, while I was at sitting in math class at school. The teacher was instructing with a grin on her face as usual. It seemed like she always contained a lack of concern in teaching. So I began to doodle away, building a tall building with a giant monster on top. Plus, I was already done with my math anyways. I mean, how else pass the time to get out of school. Then my teacher told me I had gotten called into the office. After class I grabbed my things from the very back where we store our bags. All things considered, I never got called into the principal’s office. Subsequently, there were millions of thoughts running in my head all at once. It was like a great blunder. I recalled to myself “why did I get called in here? I never get in trouble”. When I walked in the office all eyes were on me from right when I hit the door. It felt like a black cloud was hovering me at that peak and time when I walked into the main office. Admittedly, I just put a big smile on my face like I wasn’t panicking at all. So I sat down and grabbed a pencil from his cup to mess with it. He smiled at ... ... middle of paper ... felt great. In the meantime, we had to head to the airport to travel back to Kansas. It felt delightful to be back home in the presence of my family. In conclusion, of course it was a fun, amazing experience of a life time. But throughout the event, I felt like an outsider most of the time. Because I was used to friendly Wichita people. Not to mention bikes everywhere you look from block to block. In summary, what I learned from going to Boston is that I did not feel like I belonged there, it was an entirely different world to me. From the people’s ascents that I heard throughout the week believe it was just my perception on how I viewed it my way. It was the best experience of a lifetime and I would go back in a heartbeat. It really was a culture shock to me from seeing way different things from different perspectives every single day I was there.
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