Born For a High Purpose

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Two days after Aladdin had arrived in the States, Mubarak’s sister-in-law, Hawa, calls from Sudan and reveals that Khalid’s kidneys have shut down completely and permanently. Thus a six-year battle to bring his family to the States ends and a new one of anguish, suffering and obligations begins in Mubarak’s life. As Khalid’s treating doctors, show a shameful professional incompetence, and disregard for the sanctity of life, Khalid goes through complications that almost ended his life. To make sure that his brother will not die needlessly, therefore, Mubarak, distantly, takes Khalid’s treatment into his own hands. Thus he calls Sudan on a daily and educates Khalid and the rest of the family there on the different aspects of the illness. Not only that, Mubarak becomes the financial provider, the counselor and the emotional supporter to Khalid. Moreover, he takes on the duties of a primary care physician, deciding when Khalid goes to the emergency room, what kind of a doctor to see and what blood tests to do. To make things worse, the government run hospital of Wad-Madani denies Khalid ...
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