Border Gateway Protocol

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The protocol I chose to write about is the Border Gateway Protocol because it is the main protocol used to operate the internet and recommended protocol for Cisco design certifications. The BGP protocol is an inter-autonomous protocol; which means it is for connecting separate large networks, such as a college network to a corporate network or the internet. Due to the large number of routes and connection this protocol must manage; it uses very many features, or attributes, to achieve this. Cisco defines these attributes as weight, local preference, multi-exit discriminator, origin, AS_path, next hop, and community. These attributes are used to discover networks and determine the best path to use for sending packets to those networks. BGP was designed in accordance with RFC 1771, which was started in October of 1991 and published in March of 1995. In January of 2006 RFC 1771 was made obsolete by RFC 4271 which contains the updated information about BGP. These RFCs, along with a quite a few more, describe the design and operation of BGP. Cisco uses a much smaller paper to give a bas...
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