Boomerang Hiring Case Study

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Taking a U turn “Boomerang Hiring”- Bringing the employee back to the organization

Anubhuti saxena ,

Assistant Professor, Lal Bahadur Shastri College of Higher Education


For any organization employees are the most important asset. Once a good employee leaves the organization it may act as a downfall for it. In this era of globalization it has become imperative to manage the talent for the long term survival of the organization. How many employees stick to one job for more than two or three years? The concept of “Job for Life” is vanishing. People are getting attracted towards believing that the grass is greener on the other side. An increasingly fascinating strategy to battle it is the
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When an employee moves out of the organization there is a good probability that they would have learned new skills and strategies that can be used in practice of redesigning and improving various approaches. The employer believes that the outsider talent would be better but it does not prove true every time and they fail to acquire skill, experience and the expected talent from the outside employees. So boomerang hiring has become an effective strategy to the various human resource problems for the…show more content…
• Although long-term consultants or contractors could not be considered as true employees but if they had performed really well they could be absorbed as employees.
• Capable interns who possess the knowledge and potential can be approached.
A high ROI activity-Re-hiring helps not only to cut down the cost of recruitment but also help in increasing the training yield, productivity and also decrease attrition rates. These secondary costs help to improve the rate of return of the re-hiring candidates.
Saves time (Fast hire) - For an organization which is under pressure to fill a vacant position as soon as possible, rehiring provides a good option. There is not much of search and evaluation required.
Well equipped with the culture-Ex-employees are well aware of the organizational processes, culture and system, so it becomes easier for them to get along with the organization.
Less failure and high performance- They perform in efficient manner because they are well equipped with the organization’s environment and thereby they perform better than
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