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Have you ever read an amazing book only to be stuck with an awful movie based off of it? Watching a movie based off of a book is amazing, that is, if you haven't read the book. Reading the book that the movie is based off of is much better than the movie itself, imagining the words into action from a book gives one much more of a thrill than in the movie. The movie itself, is quite a disappointment.
The book Divergent for example, spoiler alert, the book was absolutely amazing in all ways for those who like the kind of book that gives you thrills and has a disgustingly amazing plot twist, all set in a post-apocalyptic setting. If I were that much of a reader, I would have read it a fourth time. The movie for divergent recently came out, about two weeks ago, it was not all that bad, considering that they might, just might, have had a time limit allotted for the movie. However, it left out a very large key-factor that may mess up the movies to come for the series. One of the main characters had left there factions due to a serious injury, that was not shown in the movie. There is no way for the character to prosper in the movies as it did in the books after Divergent. Throughout the book he plays as a part of the faction less, as implied, do not belong to a faction. This is because that they either as one of the main characters have, been sent out on an injury, or that they do not fit a faction. The character plays a huge part in the second book, as one of the leaders of the faction less, but in the movie, he was not sent to the faction less. This part, was the part I was looking forward to the most in the movie, I was at the edge of my seat when the part of the movie correlated with the book, but it never happened. This problem is...

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...the shows or movies themselves leave me on the verge of hating the series altogether. I realize that the show shouldn't be exactly as the book, word by word, however, having it so that things can be expected easily, or having it so that key factors in the book were left out in the show or movie, is something I cannot fathom.
Everywhere I go, everyone I talk to that has the same reading interests as me, they all agree that the show or movie made out of the stories are not nearly as good as the stories themselves. They all agree with me that one is better off reading the book alone, and not watching said shows or movies. It may be hard to believe at first, as I was one who didn't believe it, but after I started reading Manga, I started getting hooked onto it, I stopped watching the Anime adaptions in general, and soon the same will happen with the books I am reading.
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