Booker T Washington's Up From Slavery: Booker T. Washington

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Booker T. Washington’s statement in Up from Slavery, stated that “Education is not a thing apart from life-not a “system”, nor a philosophy: it is direct teaching how to live and how to work…” He was a black activist and educator, who taught newly freedman the importance of sanitation and disease prevention, urged equality through education and agriculture pursuit, and encouraged positive relationships between races. Some obstacles were minor, causing short-term inconvenience and aggravation. Washington explained how he overcame obstacles and unbelievable odds. In his autobiography, Washington describes his life as a slave and rising from poverty and oppression. Booker T. Washington is one of African American great leaders of the late 19th…show more content…
Washington delivered his "Atlanta Address" at the Cotton States and International Exposition. Washington urged an audience comprised mostly of whites, full cooperation between the two races, noting that "in all things that are purely social we can be as separate as the fingers, yet one as the hand in all things essential to mutual progress.” Washington 's efforts at accommodating the needs of the African Americans into the white power structure and society were criticized. Washington helped socialize African Americans in orthodox ways. Washington most valuable lesson was the use and value of bathing. He lectured that some provision of bathing ought to be a part of each household. He recognized the change need for African Americans would be slow but, he worked his entire life to elevate the…show more content…
Washington reason for this autobiography was to express his suffering, poverty, and mistreatment. Washington demonstrated that with sacrifices you are able to accelerate in life. He felt a man’s character was built on the walls blocks he overcame before he reached his goal. My research focused on the large issues and achievements he faced. Yes, he was called an Uncle Tom, but nonetheless, he pursued his goals. One of his ideologies is forgiveness and letting go of your past. The overall mood in Up from Slavery is inspiring and emphasize optimism. He accomplished many things in his life; his greatest contribution to the south is Tuskegee University. Blacks would be granted civil and political right after gaining knowledge. There are people who are struggling through unbelievable odds to better themselves through education. Some are like me single mother, worrying not only about their final essay grade but also their child day to day needs. It will not be an easy road for us, we will have set backs along the way. Booker T. Washington knew that, Up from Slavery is an inspirational journey from rags to

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