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Frank Rennie’s and Tara Morrison’s, “E – learning and Social Networking Handbook: Resources for Higher Education”, is a very good book to guide the learning of students especially at a higher level. It highlights on the way the social network and the technology as a whole may be used to enhance learning by the students and how it may effectively lessen the teachers’ burden of teaching. It does this by considering mainly at what the students vitally need for learning. At the introductory part, the book states, “To do this however, we require to understand what we really want the students to learn, and to enable the students flexible opportunities for learning in their own preferred styles”.

This handbook may be regarded as a theoretical piece which proposes ideas and supports them with relevant examples and cites different ways through which this ideas may be achieved. The book advocates on the involvement of the social network as a tool for learning. It offers the various networking system which may be embraced in learning encompassing videoconferencing, computers use including the use of Facebook and twitter and even the use of televisions in learning. Also, Frank and Tara notes this at the preface note about the networking way of learning, “We firmly believe that the considered and efficient use of educational technology can provide at least as good an experience as ‘traditional’ face - to - face education – and in many instances can provide upon the learning experience for students”.

This handbook clearly shows its purpose at the initial stages of its writing. At the preface note, Frank and Tara notes that there has, of course, been an explosion of new application, particularly in terms of social networking, bu...

... middle of paper ... careers that may not necessarily require social networking like carpentry and masonry.

Frank’s and Tara’s handbook on e - learning and social networking will be a very good book to students who wish to advance their learning techniques. I would therefore advocate that my fellow classmate embrace the idea that is well put in this text. This is due to the many advantages that the social networking kind of learning brings with it. These include sharing of ideas with other students from other part of the world and getting to learn of their opinion concerning the same issue.

The quality of education is without doubt, bound to be better if the use of the ICT is embraced in schools. The use of the internet greatly facilitate learning where the students are able to get very many information regarding different topics when they access the World Wide Web.

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