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This book has taught me a lot about Alexander Hamilton. Most of it was a surprise to me. This book includes where he was born, how he moved to the United States, what he had done to contribute to the country, and his wife and kids. This book has plenty of insight on one of our greatest leaders.
The author does a great job of teaching us the life of Alexander Hamilton. This book opens up by explaining about a few of Hamilton’s accomplishments to emphasize on how important his life was. It also explains that his picture is also on the ten dollar bill which is an amazing honor.
The author further tells us that he came from origins that nobody would guess that he would become an important person. Alexander Hamilton came from the West Indies. The author tells us the backgrounds of Rachel Fawcett and James Hamilton, which are Alexander’s parents. Some years later they gave birth to two sons James and Alexander. The Hamilton family went into poverty and the father left. Soon after Rachel died.
Hamilton had gotten a job as a clerk, which taught him about finances. The author stated that helped him become a great person. When he was older, some wealthy islanders provided the young clerk a way to travel to America for better education. While he was there, he studied and went to a formal school so he could be accepted into a college.
During his college years, Hamilton put a literary and debate club together. He has gotten into debate because of the revolution which was going on at that time. To help out the war, he wrote pamphlets to persuade people to support America. After he graduated from college, Hamilton was involved in the military and he even met George Washington.
Skipping past the war, Hamilton found the one he wanted to marry, El...

... middle of paper ... what happened behind the scenes of the Revolution. DeCarolis gave me a lot of insight of how even writing pamphlets helped win a revolution and how duels are practiced.
Alexander Hamilton was a really amazing leader, and like I said throughout the essay, we could not live without. Because of him, we have banks and some great ways to manage many. America might be in great debt now, but we never went bankrupt.
Alexander Hamilton even helped out Thomas Jefferson, his rival, become president. Hamilton saw past his grudge and helped out Jefferson for the United States. This proves to us that Hamilton only wanted the best for his country.
This book taught me a lot of amazing principles of a great leader and Lisa DeCarolis did a great way of teaching them. DeCarolis had sme bad example about Alexander Hamilton, but thanks to her, know more about our amazing history.
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