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Paul Revere’s Ride is a very historical book about Paul Revere’s famous ride in the night into Massachusetts to warn people of the British marching into Lexington and Concord. Not only does David Hackett Fischer examine the event, but also reviews the little known facts about why the British and their commander, General Thomas Gage, had these motives to do what they did. By telling of the major participants the author teaches and expands the readers on what happened on the nights of April 18-19, 1775. David Hackett Fischer didn’t just tell about how brave Paul Revere was, but also how brave the other people who helped warned people were too.
Paul Revere was born on a small island named Guernsey. This small island was located in the English channels. His real name was Apollos Riviore. It was later changed because the Yankees could not pronounce it. At age 12 he sailed to Boston on November 15, 1715. By 1722 Paul Revere became a goldsmith.
Seven years later Paul married a Yankee girl named, Deborah Hitchborn. She would later become part of Revere’s inheritance. He would then eventually be employed as an artisan and a silversmith. In both these jobs, Revere was very skilled. His best known engraving he ever done would have to be of The Boston Massacre in 1770. It created the image of British tyranny and
Gregory 2 how America’s innocence will still to this day shape memories of the event that took place. During the early 1770’s Paul Revere became America’s first intelligence courier. During several occasions Paul would travel between the different colonies carrying very sensitive messages. The message’s information extremely important in 1774 after the British Parliament passed the Coercive Acts. These acts were also known as the ...

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... book I learned about how he delivered the information and that he did have help in delivering it. This book would help define history in that Paul Revere was not a lone rider and would have help in delivering the information. Most people would think that Revere was a lone rider, but after reading this historical book they would think otherwise.
David Hackett Fischer made a strong and valid point in this book. He didn’t want Paul Revere to receive all the credit and wanted to include other people who were as important or had a role in helping deliver the information. The author was very successful in validating his argument and to not leave anybody out who played a role on that historical night. Even though Paul Revere wasn’t a lone rider he will still be remembered giving the lantern signal from the church steeple and riding at midnight to Lexington and Concord.

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