Book Summary: The Red Pyramid

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700 words

The Red Pyramid was the book that was chosen for a coming of age novel. The main characters are Carter, the big brother, Sadie, the little sister, Amos, the Uncle, and Julius, the Father. The book first takes place with Carter and Julius. Sadie is with her grandparents in England, because those two would be much too powerful together. Sadie and Carter have been separated most of their lives, except for a few occasions. Julius was with Sadie and Carter after a talk with her grandparents. Julius wants to take them to see the Rosetta Stone, but when julius says “If this works everything is going to change”, Carter knew something was different. Once Julius, Carter and Sadie go into the museum, they go to where the Rosetta Stone is being displayed. Once they get there Julius asks the security guard to get the papers he has asked for on the phone. When the guard goes to get the papers Julius tells Carter and Sadie to lock up the guard in his office, they are confused but they obey. After Carter and Sadie lock up the guard, they go back to their father who is now performing some kind of spell. They see blue lights flashing and they hear yelling and all at once the Rosetta Stone breaks into a million pieces. …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes how the red pyramid was chosen for a coming-of-age novel. the main characters are carter, sadie, amos, and julius, the father.
  • Narrates how julius, carter and sadie go to the rosetta stone museum and ask the security guard to get the papers he has asked for on the phone.
  • Describes how the cops brought carter and sadie back to their grandparents in england. after hours of questioning and worrying, they were deported. their uncle, amos, took them to his mansion.
  • Narrates how sadie meets zia, a teenager from the house of life, who shows them the magicians’ headquarters in egypt.
  • Describes how sadie and carter encounter anubis, nut, geb, and thoth while traveling to phoenix, arizona. while fighting set, their father died to become osiris, the god of the underworld.
  • Explains that the magicians let sadie and carter go with a warning because they chose independence from isis and horus.

Once they finally found him, Amos brings Sadie and Carter to New York. While they were there Amos disappears while researching Set’s nefarious plans. Set’s slaves come to attack Sadie, Carter and Khufu. Sadie meets Zia, a teenager from the House of Life. She shows Carter and Sadie the Magicians’ Headquarters in Egypt. The people at the Magicians’ headquarters want to jail Sadie and Carter because they are thought to be godlings. Since the magicians decided to outlaw the Gods, Sadie and Carter needed an escape plan. Zia let them escape. Bast brings them on a quest to find information on how to defeat Set, because he is trying to destroy North

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