Book Review: This Is How You Lose Her By Diaz Junot

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You never know her worth till you lose her. Most people take their relationships for granted, and they never accept that they are in a relationship. Furthermore, most associations have collapsed due to constant infidelity and jealousy (Kets de Vries, 2015). The book, This Is How You Lose Her was written by Diaz Junot in 2012. It is a collection of short stories revolving around male and female relationships, love, culture, masculinity and infidelity. The nine short stories included in the book are Nilda, Alma, Flaca, The Cheater's Guide to Love, Miss Lora, Invierno, Otravida, Otravez, The Pura Principle and The Sun, The Moon, The Stars. Furthermore, this book is about a protagonist known as Yunior who is a young Latino Man unlucky in love. In this book, Yunior is trying to explore why all his relationships went awry through the…show more content…
For instance, Nilda, the girlfriend of Rafa (Yunior's brother), would drop at Yunior every Thursday to talk to him about how unhappy she was. Yunior then narrates how he would sometimes grab Nilda and pull her back on the couch as he waits for her to fall in love with him. Apart from Nilda, there is Alma, the first Latina woman Yunior ever dated. In their relationship process, Alma read Yuniors journal and realized that he had an affair with a freshman girl from Guyana. Addressing himself, Yunior wrote a piece of information "You are overwhelmed by a pelagic sadness. Sadness at being caught, at the accurate knowledge that she will never forgive you." (Díaz, 2013). Upon seeing the journal, Yunior smiled trying to convince Alma that it was part of his novel, "This is how you lose her." In the final story, "The Cheaters Guide to Love," chronicles Yunior's exhaustive five-year effort to get over her fiancée who left him after looking at his email trash and found out that he had been sleeping with 50 women over six years and that is how to lose
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