Book Review : ' The Martyred Servant '

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are affiliated or know each other. When I read I like to read things that is hard to put down. I would have to put them down. I saved Mr. Leroy Waterman The Martyred Servant, for last, his article was very good I did not want to stop and it stopped. This by far was the best one that I came across it came right at you right away grabbed you and did not let go until he was finished. There was slightness of similarity between him and Ottamar Krueger, in their stance. Mr. Krueger uses a very powerful piece similar to putting a puzzle together and letting you know what piece is coming and where you should put it. He takes you by the hand invite you in, feed you almost quietly, and when you finish you fed well and been taking care of. He hammered home his topic as it related to the Martyred servant. He said “there are two outstanding aspects of the servant that are emphasize. First the discouraged, broken spirited, blind death, sinful, and stubborn, insincere, treacherous and rebellious servant, who represents the rank and file of the people in exile. Secondly, there is the faithful servant filled with the spirit of the Lord, who stands fast in spite of national calamity, ministers to the Gentiles, and performs a world service with a world purpose. Mr. Waterman gives you both side of this argument in a very professional way. A kind of matter of fact and that the way it is. Sometimes he hit you with so bigger words and I grabbed my dictionary but it only happened to me once. My plan is to explore him even more so and read some of his writings. The approaches were all different by each author that is represented here, there were some that were alike, but there were some that were different also. At the end of the day they got there... ... middle of paper ... ...s amount of article that I have read people still, feel the same even today. It looks forward to the New Testament time when Jews refused to believe. This is in spite of God’s power was openly revealed in this servant. In versus 4-6 we the Servants vicarious suffering, He was smitten of God only in the sense that God allowed Him to suffer, God provided him as an offering to man’s sin. In versus 7-9 we see total submission of the Servant, In spite of His excruciating suffering; the Servant would bear it patiently, silently and submissively. He would be silent like a lamb. Victory and Reward versus 10-12 It please God to bruise and grieve his servant. By being lifted up, he could draw all men unto him (John 13:14-15). This has been a very challenging paper for me. I had never done a comparison paper before. I look to learn from it and I enjoyed the research.

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