Book Review: One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest

One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest
Hoang Tran
English 3A - Mr. Nguyen
Period 5

One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, written by Ken Kesey, takes place within the 1960’s and centralizes its plot around the patients of the mental hospital. The asylum is governed with a matriarchy by Nurse Ratched. Nurse Ratched keeps her dominance within the ward through strict rules that keeps the patients in order. Her ways to keep her patient's intact may be a bit extreme but she is the authority, she knows what is best for the ward. There is no benefits that Nurse Ratched could possibly gain from “torturing” the patients. Her treatments and consequential actions are her only means to enforce her rules onto her patients. Nurse
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They are there due to not being able to sustain a normal role within society. Some of them even went into the ward voluntarily. Whether the patient got into the asylum forcefully or voluntarily, they should know the protocols of the ward. They are all in the ward because they are mentally ill. They can’t adjust themselves to the norms of society, thus the reason why they are at the asylum in the first place. It is Nurse Ratched’s duty to do everything in her power to cure them of this mentality illness.
You men are in this hospital," she would say like she was repeating it for the hundredth time, "because of your proven inability to adjust to society. The doctor and I believe that every minute spent in the company of others, with some exceptions, is therapeutic, while every minute spent brooding alone only increases your separation. (Part 2 . Ch 3 . Pg 14 . Kesey)
Nurse Ratched’s role within the asylum is to cure them of this inability, yet the patient won’t comply with her. She’s trying her best to cope with the patients and doing her job Yet the patients are doing everything that is the complete opposite of what she is wanting them to do. The patients still had the audacity to rebel against Nurse Ratched’s policies despite her
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This shows his distaste to the rules as he sees how dumb it is. This policy though is to ensure that the patients don’t go about and go haywire whenever. It is basically to keep them in check, the same way how schools nowadays have attendance to keep students in check. Schools have strict rules to keep students in check and to ensure their safety. This is basically the same on what Nurse Ratched is doing. Not everyone can agree on the strict rules, but Nurse Ratched is only doing what ensures the safety of her patients, even if many will dislike it. As these are rules, there are always punishment and consequences for those who do not abide to the rules in both schools and the ward. Nurse Ratched is overall only doing what she believe is beneficial for her
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