Book Review Of The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective Teens

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“The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens” was written by Sean Covey. The main purpose of this book is to inspire teenagers to improve their choices now in order to become well-rounded adults. Like his Father Stephen R. Covey, who wrote “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People”, Sean’s work is essentially similar to his father’s work, but unlike his father, Sean wrote this book specifically for teens to inform them on how to live a more effective lifestyle. As part of my course “Personal Development & Leadership” that I’m currently taking this semester, I was given the task to read the book in question with aim of to understand the motive of the book and eventually find ways to improve certain aspects of my live in a positive manner. As I was…show more content…
It illustrates that being proactive means accepting that as human beings we are fully responsible for our own lives. I also was able to gather that proactive people make choices based on moral values while reactive people tend to make hasty choices based on impulse. Proactive people also take responsibility for their actions while reactive people just blame it on other which is something I can relate to. In my last year of school' class='brand-secondary'>high school, I did not do to well in my IGCSE. Though I did not fail anything and I manage to score a credit in almost all my subjects it was a far from what I use to score during my other examinations. Truth is, I had a bad break up with my girlfriend of almost two years and I let affect me to the point I neglected my studies completely. Hence, that was my excuse. But after reading this book it, lead me to believe that I was a very reactive person due the fact that I never took responsibility for anything that occurred. I just blamed it on someone which is the flimsiest if you think about it because I should have been stronger. Instead, I ended up playing the victim. Ever since I started reading this book, it showed me that I to take responsibility for my own actions as well consider my moral values before making a…show more content…
I was taking my time with my decision and my parents were not happy that I was home instead of joining college. They then asked me to take A-Levels in law and business which I reluctantly agreed to in order to please them and get them off my back. Shortly after enrolling, I realized I found law really tough but I was determined to not waste my parents money so I persevered on. Fast-forward two years later, Im still trying to pass my Law papers. Finally I decided to tell my parents that I could not do this course anymore and they agreed. So for the next few months I was evaluating all my options on what to next. I decided to enroll myself in Help University Foundation in arts program because I felt it was a program that I could excel in could lead me to a degree in Accounting & Finance which is my goal. As an extra incentive for me achieve my goal, I paid for part of my fees when I enrolled in order to keep me motivated and

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