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The book Rosalind Franklin and DNA is a biography of Rosalind Franklin written by a British journalist and close friend of hers, Anne Sayre to reveal the true personality of Rosalind Franklin in contradiction to the fallacious character portrayed by James Watson in his personal account of The Double Helix. This book was undertaken to refute Franklin’s distorted portrait from abnormal feminist into rational, perfectionist and talented ‘women’ scientist. She begins by introducing her strong background, curious childhood, dedicated education, generous nature and most importantly how she was brought up in a favorable environment of distinctive Angelo-Jewish family, who identified and cultivated her talents and developed her in a person with full capacity for commitment. In this book, despite admiring the geniuses of Watson in depicting and picking out small information, connecting points and the kind of abilities he possessed was perfectly factitive with Crick that Rosalind and Gosling lacked however, she constantly tries to put the Rosalind’s side of story in picture which she believes was minimized in The Double Helix by Watson and correct her character that distorted in public eye. Sayre starts by describing her persona which was wrongly interpreted by people who failed to notice her well. She delineate her as having a reserved, diaphanous nature and innate attribute of masterly ‘presence’ of a kind which made others to ponder her how taller than she was. She reveals her true character as strong affection, sensible mind, and firm desire as well as sharp focus on the things which sometimes instigate her if something is not going the way she wants but imperiousness and tempestuousness of temper remained her highlights. She also point... ... middle of paper ... ...en. Nevertheless being a feminist and a friend, I think, Sayre presents strong evidences of articles, testimonies from scientist who were part of the story and close friends of Franklin for putting up right facts to construct enough concrete arguments against Watson’s unassertive narration of Franklin both as a ‘women’ and a prominent scientist. I also feel that Franklin was treated unfairly and didn’t get an acknowledgement for her contribution until her inspirational life was unfolded by Anne Sayre and later by Brenda Maddox. In honoring her, King’s College has dedicated a dorm as Rosalind Franklin Hall and academic building as Franklin-Wilkins building. Rosalind E. Franklin Award is been given to honor Women in science by The American National Cancer Institute and The Chicago Medical School was renamed to the Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science.

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