Book Review Of Nickel And Dimed By Barbara Ehrenreich

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The research excerpt, “Nickel-and-Dimed” conducted by Barbara Ehrenreich, explained the day-to-day of the low-wage workforce in America. Ehrenreich conducted the experiment by immersing herself in the” world that welfare mothers are entering”, as she recalls. To commence her journey, she finds a place to live for $500 in Key West, Florida. After she is acclimated in her “sweet little place” she runs through the ads to find work. Ehrenreich finally, lands a job at Hearthside Hotel for $2.43 an hour plus tips. On the first day, she follows Gail, a waitress, to learn the tricks of the trade. She quickly feels overwhelmed by the work and learns that she is incompetent. The first problem she encounters at Hearthside Hotel are the managers she has…show more content…
Four days later he summons the employees again and explains that there had been drug activity on the job site and threatens the employees with locker searches. These activities cause Ehrenreich to feel belittled, a feeling she has not felt since junior high school. The second problem is that the job does not pay enough for Ehrenreich to cover her expenses. After a week of working, she surveys her coworkers and finds out that housing is a source of disruption in all of their lives. She resolves her financial issues by finding a second job at Jerrys, a nearby hotel as a housekeeper. At the job, she makes $6.10 an hour. During her first and last day at Jerry’s, Ehrenreich is having a terrible day. She has four tables with demanding customers while tired from her previous job. When Joy, yells at her, Ehrenreich decides to leave and not return. She gives her trailer to Gail and says goodbye to Key…show more content…
William Domhoff, explains how the power in the United States is controlled by a certain group of powerful people. The owners and top-level managers in large income-producing properties are far and away the dominant power figures in the United States. He begins to explain how corporate entities come together and form a “corporate community” that dominate Washington D.C. As a result of their ability to organize and defend their interests, the owners and managers of large income-producing properties have a very great share of all income and wealth in the United States. Even though the wealthy exercise a great deal of power, it is false to say the lower social class is powerless. When the working class organize into unions have the power structure through sit-ins, demonstrations, social movements, and forms of social disruption. In the excerpt, he explains that due to Pluralism, it may seem that there is no one dominant power group but we later on find that to be false. Domhoff begins to explain how the power elites dominate government stating that, “Lobbyists from corporations, law firms, and trade associations play a key role in shaping government on narrow issues of concern to specific corporations or business sectors.” In conclusion, he identified the corporate rich and their power elite as the dominant organizational structure in American society. He gives the reasons that they determine who sits high positions in Congress, how the wealth is

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