Book Review Of Kay Arthur's When The Hurt Runs Deep

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Before I began reading for this project I asked myself. What do I want to take away from it, and why? To be honest, at first, I didn’t know what I wanted from reading the book When the Hurt Runs Deep by Kay Arthur. After opening myself up to the truth I realized deep within me I sought answers to my life. My heart longed to know the reason behind why certain things occur but an even greater question arose out of my inner thoughts and up to the surface: Have I truly moved past all the hurt that runs deep?
I spent a minimum of half an hour in full pondering about having to choose a book. Not only a book, but the right book. I wanted to take this project as an opportunity to learn something new by reading literature I would enjoy. I did not want …show more content…

She begins the first chapter by listing various examples that many human beings tend to face in life. The instances mentioned ranged from being fired from a job to receiving news that the new born baby has no heartbeat. It is a cold reality that the author immediately points out. Kay Arthur, at this point, sets the tone for the entire book. The author used plenty of illustrations. Some of the illustrations were bible stories while others where personal stories others shared with her. Kay shared some of her personal struggle and victory over the sin in her life. Throughout the book she let me know three things. One: I am going to be honest and straight to the point as you read the chapters. Two: I will use illustrations as evidence in order to set a foundation leading to the proving of a point. Three: I will use God’s word in everything I say because he is the way, the truth, and the …show more content…

She moves through all eighteen chapters by dissecting the meaning of all twelve truths labeled as “Healing Truth”. The first truth tells the reader that if God allows pain it is because there is a purpose for it. A purpose that will work out for good. The chapters are arranged in a way that the reader understands why God works the way that he does even if it does not make sense. She also chose to include how some people burden themselves with pain they themselves can bring to a halt. After all the soul searching she encourages the book ends on the twelfth Healing Truth. The twelfth of the truths explains to the reader how the only way to heal is if the “healing begins at the cross” for it is “the greatest expression of God’s love”. The writing is set up so simple and easy to understand. It is very difficult to get lost reading her book.
As I read the book, simple as the book may be, my list of questions only got bigger. I only found what I already knew and everything that I have already been told. I found myself questioning her reasoning and whether I caught her exact perspective on others. This questioning presented itself on page 44 as she elaborated on the topic of God’s anger. On page 43 it says “Anger isn’t always a sin”, and yes I agree with that. I do believe there is righteous anger, but I do not completely understand where she stands as to God’s judgment. On page 44 she

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  • Narrates how they began reading the book when the hurt runs deep by kay arthur and realized they wanted answers to their life.
  • Describes how they spent half an hour pondering about having to choose a book. they wanted to learn something new by reading literature they would enjoy.
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