Book Review Of Hand To Mouth By Linda Tirado

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Hand to Mouth was written by Linda Tirado and was published by G.P. Putman’s Sons in 2014. In this book, Tirado talks about her experiences as a poor working woman in today’s society. She used this book to show people why poor people act the way they act and make the choices they make. Chapter one talks about Tirado’s experiences working in her twenties as a bartender and a waitress. She was minimum wage and she mentioned that, “I’ve held down up to three: tending bar, waiting tables, and working as a voter registration canvasser. It nearly killed me, and I still didn’t break twenty grand that year.” (p. 6). My opinion on this is that it must be discouraging for her to work so hard and not get much out of it. However I also think that the reason she has to work so hard at minimum wage jobs is because she did not get a college degree and most jobs that pays well requires a college degree. In chapter two, Tirado says, “you have no legal right to take breaks in America” (p. 18). She was working like many other minimum wage jobs, in harsh and dangerous conditions because her employer did not care about her safety. I would feel worn out and concerned for my safety if I had to constantly worry about grease burns or heat strokes or whatever the case might…show more content…
This is a double standard that annoys Tirado. An example of this is, “It turns out that that whether sleeping on a public bench is a crime or not depends entirely on whether you have enough money to look like you have a place to sleep.” (p.149). I do not think this is right because rich people do have a place to stay and poor people might not have a place to sleep. I feel like we should not make it harder on the poor people by punishing them when we should be helping them find a warm and safe place to
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