Book Review Of Blake Mycoskie's 'Start Something That Matters'

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Information About the Book and Reasons Why I Chose It

“For every pair I sell, I’m going to give a pair of new shoes to a child in need,” according to the book of Blake Mycoskie's (2011, p.6) work. He is not only the author of “Start Something That Matters”, but also the founder of TOMS.

“Start Something That Matters” is a biography of Mycoskie that it was published in the United States by Spiegel & Grau. In this book, Mycoskie shares the story between him and TOMS, including the lessons learned. He also mentions six elements of entrepreneurialism which provide a positive effect to help the entrepreneur succeed.

In addition, a half of the royalty on the book will be used to support new entrepreneurs through the Start Something That Matters
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After finishing the book, I am moved by Mycoskie’s action greatly and many thoughts run in my mind. A simple idea could bring the real impact. “It was a simple concept: Sell a pair of shoes today, give a pair of shoes tomorrow” (Mycoskie, 2011, p.6). A pair of shoes could create lots of happiness to children. When Mycoskie and his crew gave the promised shoes to the children in need in Argentina, the happiness was reflecting on the smiling faces of children.

In fact, it is not easy that Mycoskie fulfills his dream. When he started up TOMS, he had no any experience or connection in the shoe business. He did not give up his dream and tried to solve the problems one-by-one. When they performed in giving the promised shoes to the children in need, they drove 18 hours and slept on the bus. Although there were many challenges in the whole journey, they were still brave and hardy to face those challenges. I admire their effort that the work is not only for themselves but also for the millions of children around the
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It is useful that people apply the leadership skill in the college or workplaces.

Reviewing my leadership qualities, I realized that my existing leadership qualities are same with some leadership traits of Mycoskie in the Big Five Model. Two of my existing leadership qualities is integrity and dependability. When I make a commitment to someone, I know I am able to fulfill it and willing to put in extra time and efforts to accomplish commitment. For example, I promise to become an assistant guitar teacher in the summer course in church every year.

In addition, another leadership quality is also same with Mycoskie. It is the trait of openness to experience. I love trying the new things. It could be studying a new subject, learning an interest or entering an activity. During this summer holiday, I learn Korean and also try to travel alone in a foreign country one week. It makes a big change to myself. I become more bravely to face the new

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