Book Review: Inspiration And Incarnation By Peter Enns

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Book Review: Inspiration and Incarnation by Peter Enns To begin, this book was designed to be able to create a concept out of some beliefs that have been used in present biblical times. The author tries to emphasize that since Jesus Christ was mortal and at the same time was divine, the Bible is also thought of in the same way. Some of the important human factors in the Bible that we should note is that it is a work that was composed in the Greek and Hebrew languages. Second, we should also understand that during the times that the Bible was written in the Old Testament version the world had been much different and it was world which was portrayed by shrines, ministers and clergies of God, and sacrifices. Third, Israel, Lebanon and the surrounding…show more content…
Here it is important to address another problem that the author introduces. Since the original version of the Bible, the Old Testament, was written in the Hebrew language, this does not necessarily mean that if one understands the language the obscurity of the text will become any clearer, in any case it might even become more confusing when it is translated to English. This section it is important to note the Ten Commandments, here the author discusses that even though God has set these laws in place they can be wiggled and moved, people might believe that they are set in stone but actually they have diversity. He further talks about whether there is diversity amongst the Gods. The author also discusses whether God acts like a human and how often does he change his mind? He answers this question by stating that Gods actions are more humanlike than they are godlike. Next, the author discusses how the Old Testament is interpreted in the New Testament. He first starts by saying that the new authors of the New Testament where not trying to remain completely consistent with the original scriptures but were actually trying to translate what the scriptures meant. This part I do not fully agree on because as I have discussed above sometimes the authors of the New Testament, when they created the translation from the Hebrew scriptures, they did not correctly translate some of them. The author goes on to say that, “…the New Testament authors were explaining what the Old Testament means in light of Christ’s coming” (Enns, 116). Now, this statement I agree with because it somehow characterizes what was expected by the translators of the Old Scriptures during that time, to what we know now as the New Testament and the modern day Bible. Another statement that I want to mention by the author is that he states that the reality of the matter is that with the crucifixion of Jesus Christ was the beginning and
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