Book Review: Green Day 'Dookie'

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Angelica Zermeno Martinez History of Rock and Roll Professor Patterson April 18th, 2014 Green Day “Dookie” The Rock album I have chosen is “Dookie” by Green Day. This album was released in February 1st, 1994 by Fantasy Studios in Berkeley, California or Reprise Records in New York. Green Day's band members include Billie Joe Armstrong (Guitar and Vocalist), Tre Cool (Drums), Mike Dirnt (Bass), Jason White (Guitar), and Al Sobrante (Drums.) The main composers of this album was the band Green Day, Billie Joe Armstrong and Mike Dirnt as the main composers. The engineers were Neill King and Casey McCrankin. The producer was Rob Cavallo. This album is 39 minutes and 40 seconds long and has 15 songs. The songs are as follows: “Burnout,” “Having A Blast,” “Chump,” “Longview,” “Welcome To Paradise,” “Pulling Teeth,” “Basket Case,” “She,” “Sassafras Roots,” “When I Come Around,” “Coming Clean,” Emenius Sleepus,” “In The End,” “F.O.D,” and finally “All By Myself.” The song “All By Myself is a 'secret' song that was added at the every end, only if you heard the whole album, past the silence. The album has sold about 15 to 20 million of sales to date. This is the album that allowed Green Day to gain super star fame. The genre of this album can be described as pop and rock. Yet the album has the musical styles of Alternative Pop/Rock, Punk Rock, and somewhat Indie/Underground. When I first heard this album I already had some knowledge about the songs, but I never took the time to notice how the music sounded. The introduction seems faster than the rest of the album and has a more upbeat sound to it. Although it is not completely rock because they do not seem to be rocking out like some of the other past rockers in the class. Many of the s... ... middle of paper ... ...ith deaths Richard Nixon dies April 22nd, 1994. Although the listed events were extremely significant before just as they are now, only now can we truly step back and appreciate or understand the full effects of the events of the past. In this paper, how Greenday would affect the music industry. To conclude this paper Greenday's contributions did not come from the band members playing something musically in a new revolutionary way. Their contributions came from being themselves and being at there at the right time. Their music contributions gave punk the popularity it needed to make a comeback in the 90's and to sort of come back to a type of rock and roll. This specific album had obvious teen angst and more lighthearted compared to “American Idiot.” Overall this album is very catchy, very pleasant to the ear, and a classic punk album to be enjoyed by most people.

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