Book Review: Be Healthy! It’s a girl thing: food, fitness and feeling great

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Book Review: Be Healthy! It’s a girl thing: food, fitness and feeling great Reviewed by Be Healthy! It’s a girl thing: food, fitness, and feeling great, guarantees to peek the appetites of young girls seeking recipes that targets nutrition, physical fitness, and positive self-assurance. Delectable entrees are featured in the seventeen chapters that incorporate the lowdown on food basics, illustrate how the human body is energized, offer tips for proper shopping, expose the facts about food labels, encourage physical activity to boost self-esteem, and draw up the Cactus Plant that will lead one into a healthy eating pattern. The text is spiced with humor and lighthearted language. Readers will quickly savor the rich content presented in brief portions and be energized with eye-catching labels, tempting factoids, and appealing black-and-white pictures and drawings. Sandwiched in the hardback/paperback are additional tools to assist young lasses making wise choices including menus, snack suggestions, recipes, websites, agency contacts, shopping lists, and charts listing vitamins and minerals. Authors Lillian Cheung (nutrition consultant) and Mavis Jukes (attorney and writer) have collaborated with other professionals in fields of nutrition and physical activity to relate accurate information. They not only encourage adolescents to link frequently with family and friends, but also advocate speaking to issues affecting their physical development—cafeteria choices or intramural sports programs. In a fast paced world, students, parents, and school staff will want to seize the opportunity to use the fun and entertaining guidelines in this book to stay healthy and fit. Mavis Jukes has twenty years of writing experience and ten years of teaching experience, and is a member of the California bar. She has written many books for kids and teens, including three other health-related titles. Lilian Cheung is a doctor of science in nutrition and a registered dietitian. She is the Director of Health Promotion and Communications and a lecturer in the Department of Nutrition at the Harvard School of Public Health. She has advised national media outlets (magazines, newspapers, and television) and government agencies, including the National Cancer Institute and the Centers for disease Control and Prevention. Be Healthy! It’s a Girl Thing: Food, Fitness, and Feeling Great does just what the title says. This book provides a general overview of what’s important for young girls to eat healthy, exercise, and living a fit lifestyle. It is divided into chapters, and each has many small sections, which make it not only a fast read, but an easy reference book as well.

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