Book Review: A Child Called It By Dave Pelzer

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“A child called it” was a detailed event of Dave Pelzer’s life. It explained everything that happened to him up until the point that he leaves his abusive mother. Something happened to his family they were once a happy family and his mother cared for them, but something happed that caused his mother to begin to treat Dave as he were not even part of their family. The worst part is that his own father allows this abuse to happen. His siblings also allow his mother to treat Dave as if he wear a mere slave. Things for Dave go from bad to worse his mother stops feeding him and makes him her own servant and beats him when he’s been bad. His mother punishes him for eating at school and for even socializing with his other siblings. The best thing that happens to Dave is being able to leave such an abuse house hold, because it got to the point where his own siblings didn’t even recognize him as their own brother but just as an “it”.…show more content…
The one that would look out for all of them, that made sure the holidays were always wonderful for her family. What happened in their lives that caused his mother to hate him so much? There had to be a reason why she became such a toxic person. I found myself believing that something traumatic must have happened because no sane person could treat their child as if they were nothing. While reading all the terrible things that she did to him I was at the verge of tears so many times. I hated his mother so much I couldn’t understand how no one realized how terrible she was to Dave. When she stabbed him for a split second I thought she was going to let him bleed out, and make up some elaborate lie as to what to had happened to
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