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Renewal: How A New Generation Of Faithful Priests And Bishops Is Revitalizing the Catholic Church is co-written by Anne Hendershott and Christopher White. The book, as can be concluded from the title, is about the new emergence of new Catholic priests responding to their religious calling and bringing new life to the Church after years of attacks and turmoil within the holy institution. The introduction of this book presents many of the problems the church is currently facing: opposition to clerical celibacy, same sex marriages, women’s ordination, abusive scandals, and rejection of the authority of the Pope just to name some. Many secular people of thought are proclaiming if only the church would catch up with modern times and adjust itself to the way things should be today, then the Church would prosper.
Bishop Curtis believes the contrary, and so do the authors. Their belief is that where there is clerical leadership that is steadfast in the teachings of the Church, there is prosperity. Where bishops are willing to defend their faith against secular ideologies there is a strong congregation and men who desire to become priests. They believe the new generations of catholics are attracted to traditional teachings that will not conform to the way of the world.
In first chapter we learn of Bishop George from Chicago. Bishop George calls for an end to the divide between conservative and liberal Catholics, and asks that his congregation be “simply Catholic”. Bishop George, along with Bishop Dolan and many other faithful bishops in the United States, is standing up to the political corruption that has infected many church members and they are seeking those of the new generation who are unwavering in their faith as recommended by fo...

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... other reoccurring moral issues. A lack in leadership of some of the bishops of the past and today has trickled down into the education of children and young adults. When there is no clearly defined position on important matters of the Church, the boundaries become blurred, and there is great confusion.
In the past decade, Bishops have upped the ante in what it means to be a Catholic university, threatening many big name institutions to live up to their name or have their recognition taken away, for instance, Notre Dame. This is an effort for them to reevaluate their curriculum and the professors to insure they coincide with Catholic teachings. The more action bishops are willing to take to defend Catholicism, the better off their community has seen to be. A community that understands the importance of priests is more likely to contribute to the number of vocations.
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