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The author of “According To Plan”, Graeme Goldsworthy has authored numerous books on biblical theology and hermeneutics such as The Gospel in Revelation, God-Centered Hermeneutics, and Gospel and Kingdom, among others. He was a long time professor at Moore Theological College, educating students in Old Testament, hermeneutics, and biblical theology. Now retired, Goldsworthy continues to write, and remains a well-respected theologian.
Goldsworthy begins the book by informing the reader that he wrote this book assuming little prior knowledge on the part of the reader. Thus, he divides the book into four simple sections on Biblical Theology—Why? How? What? and Where?—endeavoring to walk the reader through all aspects of Biblical Theology from start to finish.
He spends the first chapter—the “Why?” Chapter—simply stating that biblical theology is necessary to understand God’s Word correctly, and that we should want to understand God’s Word correctly. It is as simple as that.
The next few chapters—How to do Biblical Theology—are spent defining key terms such as different types of theology, criticisms, and philosophies. In chapter three he lays out his five presuppositions, which serve as a foundation for the rest of the book, and how he feels biblical theology should be done. They can be summed up in this: Only through God can truth be known, and God revealed truth over time in His Word, which reaches its pinnacle in the work of Jesus Christ. In order to know this truth the Holy Spirit must work in the heart of sinners to reveal the truth, and provide them with the faith to receive it. This idea of the Holy Spirit’s work alone to reveal truth to mankind despite their sinful nature—God’s Sovereignty—coupled with Jesus Christ being ...

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...ecision making responsibilities when we have a choice to make. Goldsworthy exhorts the reader to simply make a godly, wise decision that will be positively impact their fellow believers, and assist in their growth in Christ. I would have been greatly helped by this godly counsel in the past, and been saved from a lot of worry and doubt about somehow missing God’s will.
Goldsworthy’s book is filled not only with an exceptional outline of biblical history, and how it is unified in its message of Christ, and him crucified, but also includes an incredible amount of practical, usable, godly counsel on how to live in light of the work God has been doing since the world began. For the young Christian, I would highly recommend they read this book, and for those well versed in the Word, this book serves as an excellent reminder, and review of God’s work throughout history.
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