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Most teens in high school have trouble realizing what they want to do and where they want to be in life. Students could relate to the novel “ Personal Statement” by Jason Odell Williams. This story is about a group of teenagers, who went to Cawdor to volunteer to help evacuate and perpare for Hurricane Calliope. They had a hidden motive. They wanted to make their personal statement for college more interesting by saying they were in the rescue force helping civilians in the hurricane. It makes them look more sincere in the statement. Personal Statement is important because it help the college “seperate the men form the boys” (9).Each one of the character have their own problems, but the group of teenagers, Emily, Rani, and Richard, have a similar problem. Their parents only wanted them to go to Ivy League universities even if they don’t want to. At Cawdor, they made a proposal saying that the teens eighteen year old or younger make a plan that world help with the aftereffects of the hurricane and the winner will be granted with a recommendation letter and twenty thousand dollars. Emily and Rani teamed up while Richard teamed up with his roomate. Both of their team had brilliant plans , but their plan did not get chosen . They did not go home empty handed. They were able to find themselves and was able to build the confidence they were lacking to be able to pursue their goals.
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Many students in high school have parents pressuring them on what college they should go. In this novel’s theme is to our own choices on what we do in life. Our college choice and occupation is what we decide. It is not up to others deciding what we should or not to do. In the book on Emily’s ...

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... good and is well written. It has a conflict that affect the characters and throught experience, it change the character. I believe that this book will have good reviews because what teens want is a character where they can relate and see themselves as the character. The readers could do that by reading this book.
The novel is a well written work. The author wrote a very spectacular book. To be able to write such a piece by him is not a surprise. He is a writer and producer in a National Geographic Channel televison show call “Brain Game”. It is a reality show where it encourage viewers to join in on the experiments or “brain game”. For the same show, he was nominated for an Emmy’s Award. Williams made plays and one of his play “Handle with Care” premiered on Broadway. He had many experience in the field of literature. He have the qualification of making this novel.
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