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James Dashner is the author of The Scorch Trials. Main characters include Thomas, Teresa, Ari, Newt, Minho, and Brenda. Thomas was a runner in the previous book, The Maze Runner. In The Scorch Trials Thomas finds out that he actually helped build and launch the Maze. Newt and Minho are Thomas’ best friends. Newt was the leader of the Gladers and Minho was the lead runner of the Maze. Teresa was the only girl among the Gladers in The Maze Runner. Teresa, Ari and Brenda were actually a part of a second test group called Group B. While Teresa was the only girl in the Glade, Ari was the only boy in his group.
Thomas’ character is still the protagonist in The Scorch Trials, as he is the one who drives the storyline. WICKED stands for The World in Catastrophe: Killzone Experiment Department. The people who work for WICKED are the antagonists, because they are the source of the consternation. Without these two literary elements the story would have no push, nor would it peak any reader’s interest. The conflicts revolve around both of these entities. Once the Gladers get out of the Maze, they think they are finally safe. Unfortunately they are in worse shape than when they were in the Glade. Life in the Glade was predictable, even methodical, up until the end. Upon leaving the Glade, WICKED subjects them to another trial, one in which they experience chaos and mayhem around every turn. The main challenge is to cross the burned up section of the world called the Scorch. They must find their way to a safe haven within a two week period. Of course WICKED has made sure to stack the odds against them.
The story starts with the Gladers in the rescue facility. They had just exited the Maze ...

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...rtant part in this story. Thomas could have left Minho behind when he was injured. Instead Thomas dragged him to safety. I also believe another theme is human nature. As in The Maze Runner these kids had to create relationships. They experienced animosity and kinship. All different personality types existed in the Glade and flowed right into the Scorch. This is similar to real life in that we must learn to accommodate various personalities to be successful in life. Each of us has unique abilities and strengths that may be used to assist others.
The test groups symbolized hope and strength. Both groups exhibited tremendous strength to overcome excruciating obstacles in the name of survival. WICKED has set up these trials for Groups and B to demonstrate their strengths. As long as the kids endure, hope for the survival of humanity still exists.

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