Book Report on William Golding´s Lord of the Flies

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The author, William Golding was born in September 19, 1911, in Cornwall, England. Since he was young, he tried to write a novel. However, to follow his parents’ wishes, he studied the natural sciences until his second year at Oxford. After graduating from Oxford, he worked as a teacher. By the way, when the World War II broke out, Golding joined the Royal Navy. Golding could have had a profound perception of humanity though the experience in World War II. His first novel, “Lord of the Flies”, was written in a midst of the war, so we can assume that he was inspired by the army that he was in. Also, the boys’ acting in the story is overlapping with the war time. For his first novel, he won the Nobel Prize of literature in 1983. (William Golding – biographical. 2013) Main Characters There are three main characters: Ralph, Piggy and Jack. Ralph: he is a reasonable and prideful boy. When the boys are arrived in the island, he picks up a conch and blows it to call other boys. With his special charm of silence, and the conch, Ralph is elected as the chief. Right after he became a chief, he announces that their first aim is ‘to be rescued.’ So they light a signal fire at a Ralph’s command. From beginning to end of this book, he emphasizes the importance of keeping the signal fire alive. Also, as a chief he divided each one’s duties to control everything. His reign is looks like a small civilization in adult world. However, he loses his power later by Jack’s rebellion. Jack: Jack is the representative of evil character. At first, he is a brave but arrogant leader of a choir and he desires to take power. Ralph noticed Jack’s arrogant characteristic, Ralph suggests Jack and his groups to be hunters and Jack was agree with his suggestion. ... ... middle of paper ... ...sponse Ask yourself who you are - Jeonghwa Ryoo Ask yourself who you are Until your inner voice is revealed Ask yourself again and again Don’t ask yourself roughly Focus on your eye Then ask for earnestly The answer is on your question And don’t worry about your worrying Your worrying gives you an answer Ask yourself and don’t worry Ask yourself who you really are. When I finished the book, “Lord of the flies”, I felt really sorry for Ralph. Ralph, an honest leader, always tries to control well his group. With piggy’s tips, Ralph makes an effort to be rescued all together. However, he also feels worry about his plan. I think he has to ask himself to be sure about his decision. He has to listen attentively on his inner voice. Focusing on his inner voice is an only way to make better decision. Ask yourself again and again, and then Ralph can get a true answer.

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