Book Report on The New Ethnic Mob by William Kleinknecht

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Book Report on The New Ethnic Mob by William Kleinknecht The New Ethic Mob by William Kleinknecht explores how the current criminals involved in organized crime are no longer just the Italians. He could be Cuban, Chinese, Russian, African-American, Haitian, or Jamaican. These are the new breed of more sophisticated and more brutal organized criminals. In the preface of the book Kleinknecht states not to mistake this work for a case against immigration in the United States. The author does a great job giving background information on how organized crime emerged in the early part of the nineteenth century. Then became much stronger though prohibition with Italian, Irish, and Jewish groups controlling this period. However, Kleinknecht's main focus is the new adeptness of the ethnic organized criminal. After calling and emailing William Kleinknecht many times with no response I am sorry to say that I have no background information on his current interests. I however did find out that he is a crime reporter for the Newark Star Ledger in New Jersey, and The New Ethnic Mob is Bill's first published book. As mafia boss after mafia boss goes to jail there is a new ethnic criminal emerging to the forefront of organized crime. A major player that is likely to leave a lasting impact is the Russian mafia. Many experts say they have even surpassed the Italian mafia in there cleverness. They are involved in sophisticated forging, counterfeit, and credit card schemes that have netted them millions of dollars. They have also teamed up with the Italians in gasoline tax evasion. This method of tax evasion is so wide spread the government has set up ... ... middle of paper ... ...end this book to a scholarly expert, more specifically a Criminologist. The author goes into great detail about each ethnic group's activity in organized crime. The authors writing style flows beautifully making this a particularly easy read. As Robert Merton said the Goal is emphasized not the Means. Immigrants learned this from the Robber barons such as Rockefeller and Morgan that would go any means ethical or unethical to get that dollar. This is true in today's society as with scandals such as Enron looming over us. Culture then and now are materialistic and money hungry. They equate how big ones check book is with success in life. I feel that how much money one makes does not parallel how successful of a person they are. As long as there is a preoccupation with money there will be organized crime in America.

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