Book Report of Anthem by Ayn Rand

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Book Report of Anthem by Ayn Rand The book Anthem was written by Ayn Rand and was first published by Signet in 1961. The book was about a boy and a girl trying to find themselves. They do not follow the rules. They do the opposite of what they are supposed to do. Eventually they discover the word I, and live happily ever after. Anthem takes place in a city that is moving backwards instead of forwards. Everybody is born in the Home of Infants and dies in the Home of the Useless. Equality 7-2521 was not like his brothers. Equality was smarter, stronger, and healthier. At the age of five he advanced to the Home of Students, where he got scolded for learning faster than his brothers. When he was fifteen, he became a street sweeper. He swept the streets every day with his brothers. One day while he was sweeping the outskirts of town he saw a beautiful girl named Liberty 5-3000. She worked in the Home of the Peasants. Everyday he smiled at her and she smiled back. Soon after that, they started talking. One day while he was sweeping the streets he found an underground tunnel that was full of things left from the Unmentionable times. For two years, he went to the tunnel to experiment with his light. When he had the light finished, he decided to take it to the world council meeting. When he got there the council was angry and frightened. He connected the two wires and the light started to glow. They told him that he was going to be punished because of all the laws he h...

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