Book Analysis of A Clockwork Orange

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Book Analysis of A Clockwork Orange The violent main character of this story, Alex, goes on a moral journey. It is written as a personal recounting of events in a very straight-to-the-point manner. Alex seems to describe things very well, but without emotion. He starts off drinking milk laced with drugs in a milk bar with his three “droogs”. The fashion of the time is for adolescents to do whatever they want, as careless adults are usually the victims of this “ultra-violence”. After a night of peddling “cancers and dengs”, mugging, gang-fighting with Billybob’s group, and raping a woman, the boys head back to the Korova milk bar. Dim insults Alex’s beloved classical music, which prompts the Alpha male to punch Dim. This major abuse of power outrages the three “droogs” and they agree to backstab Alex at the Manse job. The cat lady calls the police before being beaten to death by Alex, but Dim hits Alex in the eye with a chain, making him an easy target for police capture. Alex gets taken in and sentenced to fourteen years behind bars. His sentence is cut short after two ye...
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