Book Analysis: Who Gets To Narrate The World

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“Who gets to Narrate the World?” by Robert E. Webber focuses on responding to challenges by understanding and practicing the fullness of God’s narrative. Christians must acknowledge that the gates of hell cannot prevail against the church. They must also remember that not only are they to relearn God’s story in the biblical times, but also remember how God’s story was formed in pagan Rome. Similarly, they must be aware of contenders to the faith and they must demonstrate to all nations how God’s story can transform lives as they once again seek to narrate the world through a Christian standpoint. Currently, Western Christianity is in a weakened state because of cultural accommodation to consumerism, pragmatism, narcissism, and other secular…show more content…
Webber does not state that they are exactly the same, however, he does explain that there are some striking similarities. In addition, the moral decadence of today’s western world rivals that of the Roman world. Although the philosophies of today’s current world and those of the Roman world differ, they do have one common characteristic- absolute relativism. Similar to today’s world, the Roman world was highly religious and religious pluralism was embraced and celebrated. Webber states that Christians today must recover the radical nature of the fullness of God’s narrative- for God’s comprehensive cosmic narrative alone will not endure against the Radical Islamic goal of world domination by Allah and Shari’a…show more content…
When the church and its ministries are disconnected from God’s narrative, they become subject to the whims of culture. Similarly, if Christians are to recover the Christian narrative, they must first disabuse themselves of civil religion. Christians shall not accommodate God’s narrative to privatism and consumerism. To conclude, God’s narrative must not be blithely recited as a litany of words. Instead, Christians must recover the profound original interpretation of God’s narrative. If this ancient narrative is recovered, Christians will once again be able to speak to the world about its own history and tell the truth about the triune God. Finally, Christians must unlearn and unravel the cultural accommodations embraced by the church in order to release the full power and impact on God’s
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