Book Analysis: Plague And Fire

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Midterm Essay In the book Plague and Fire, the author describes the scenario in Honolulu as follows: “three physicians found themselves holding absolute dictatorial authority over all aspects of everyday life in Hawaii. They were in command of the armed forces and had unrestricted access to the treasury” (p. 40). How did the appearance of the plague result in this particular situation, and was this “dictatorial authority” used effectively to combat the disease? Be specific in your answer: How did the three doctors get this power? What did they do with this power once they had it? Were their policies effective in reducing the spread of plague? Why or why not? Use specific examples from the lectures, readings and films to support your points.…show more content…
By the end of the day three more people died from it all living in the same location as the You Chong, the first victim of the plague. Due to the presence of an outbreak an emergency meeting was called for Hawaii’s Board of Health. Consulting the information gathered from the autopsies and physicians at the scenes in less than 45 minutes the Board unanimously voted that the city was under attack from the Bubonic Plague. Under the constructuction of the republic the Board would have had the authority to make any decisions or carry out any actions that they thought was best for the Hawaiian people in the presence of the crisis. The republic’s constitution would have permitted the Board to assume full power and control in the state of an emergency such as the presence of the plague. However, the constitution had been suspended in order to legally resolve the annexation of Hawaii. Due to this the Medical Board called a meeting with the council and was almost immediately granted the control needed to enforce the new reforms and policies that would target the Bubonic
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