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Strategy is the overall scope and direction of a corporation and the way in which its various business operations work together to achieve particular goals.
The strategy is a result of strategic management which is a set of managerial decisions and actions that determines the long-run performance of a corporation. management' class='brand-secondary'>Strategic management includes environmental scanning, strategy formulation, strategy implementation, and evaluation and control. Moreover, evaluation and control is involved in every stage of strategic planning and management. (Wheelen & Hunger, 2012)

Figure: Basic Elements of the Strategic Management Process

Strategic management has become very popular and important to business for a variety of reasons. Strategic management considered to be the pathway to success. it shows the corporation currently situation and it’s future destination. Through strategic management the goals of the business are set.
When strategy is formulated and implemented the decisions of the strategic management team must set realistic goals. They need to consider the current market and the direction that the market is navigating towards, the competitors of the business, as well as the resources afforded to the business. Strategic management spends a lot of time and resources balancing the objectives of the organization, the stockholders, and the desires of the consumer.
But Strategic Management doesn’t always lead the corporation to the success stage. The primary factor of strategy success centralized on execution. According to researches nine out ten implementations fail around the world. But why do so many organizations fail at strategy implementation?
Most of the times, the strategy isn’t the real problem but the real issue...

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