Bondi Junction Swot Analysis

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Influences • The prime function of Chemist Warehouse Bondi Junction is to sell pharmaceutical items, healthcare products, food items and baby products among others to customers. • The goals of the franchise in the short-term are social as they want to provide excellent customer service and provide low prices. In the long term, the goals are growth and profit orientated as they want to grow the business by 10-15% and increase net profit. The long term visions of the manager, Ms Gigi Zhuang, for the business is to grow the pharmacy franchise into the most favoured and profitable pharmacy in the area. • The location of the business is in Oxford Street, Bondi Junction. This is one of the main streets of the area with immense foot traffic due…show more content…
• The strengths of the location include large volumes of sales due to proximity to Bondi train station along with high average customer sale. The store has to entrances and exits to capitalise on the foot traffic allowing busy customers to quickly enter, find the product they are looking for and create a sale. • The weakness of the location include high costs including rent of the store location and taxes along with staffing costs due to high volume of customers. This would also create a higher chance of stolen goods and increase the difficulty of cleaning and maintaining the pharmacy. • The owner of Chemist Warehouse Bondi Junction is Mario Yiannipoulous who, along with two other Chemist Warehouse franchises in Rosebay and Hurstville, also owns multiple other businesses including a restaurant and cake shop. He was originally a real estate agent but quitted his job, got a diploma in management and starting the restaurant before later buying and setting up three Chemist Warehouse franchises. Mr Yiannipolous is known to be a hard-working, frugal but determined individual partly due to his migrant attitude of “working hard and saving even

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