Bombing The Atomic Bomb

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The Atomic Bomb was and still is one of the world’s most dangerous weapons ever developed, it’s massive explosion is equivalent to about a 15 kiloton TNT explosion. What makes the bomb so dangerous isn’t necessarily the bomb itself but in fact it’s aftermath. Once the bomb is dropped it releases winds up to 980 mph due to it’s ultra high pressure and it leaves behind gamma and neutron rays which make there way to the ground and ultimately leave devastating amounts of radiation that will stay and harm people years after the bomb is dropped. So ask yourself, what kind of monster would unleash this kind of cruelty and devastation onto someone? Well the U.S. in fact is that kind of monster, they made the terrible decision to unleash this deadly weapon on Japan which would ultimately change the world forever. Now ask yourself again, was the U.S. justified in dropping the Atomic Bomb? You’ll end up answering with the same thing every time; that they weren't. Some reasons to believe why they weren’t justified in dropping the Atomic Bomb is because it was inhuman due to the fact that most o...
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