Boeing: The Future of Flight

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Boeing- The Future of Flight The mission of Boeing is to be the number one aerospace company in the world and among the premier industrial concerns in terms of quality, profitability and growth (Boeing, 1999). Their four key objectives will guide company: A continuous improvement in quality of products and processes – The cornerstone of their business strategy is has been strong commitment to steady, long-term improvement in their products and processes. They must work to constantly improve the overall quality of their design, manufacturing, administrative, and support organizations to achieve this objective (, 2009). A highly skilled and motivated workforce -- Human resources are their most important resource: their customers as well as the people who design and build their products and services. With the proper mix of skills, training, communications, environment, and leadership, they to meet their goals since they believe their employees will achieve the needed gains in productivity and quality (, 2010). Financial strength -- They demand a strong financial base due to the high-risk, cyclical nature of their business. Retaining the capital resources to meet their existing obligations and make significant investments to develop new products and new technology for the future. This objective also required planning and control to ensure they were not overextended during an economically challenging period (Sotelo, 2010). Commitment to integrity -- Integrity, in the broadest sense, their actions in all relationships must pervade, with their customers including those, suppliers, and each other. This is a promise to uncompromising principles and conduct (Hickman, 1998). SWOT analysi... ... middle of paper ... ...0, from (2010). Manning Boeing. RPO & Staffing. GDS Publishing Ltd. Retrieved July 20th, 2010, from Sotelo, J. A. (2010) Boeing Case. Retrieved July 20th, 2010, from The Boeing Company. Para 5. Retrieved July 20th, 2010, from US History. (2009). Boeing Company. Retrieved July 20th, 2010, from http://www.u-s Wilhelm, S (2010) Boeing's big decision: Tweak 737 or start anew - Puget Sound Business Journal July 2, 2010 (Seattle) Retrieved July 20th, 2010, from^3598681&s=industry&i=manufacturing

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