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Legendary Muscle:
The dream of becoming a body builder, at the age of fifteen, was never too big for the young Arnold Schwarzenegger. Yet what came after the bodybuilding was bigger than he thought possible. Although his father never believed in him, Arnold became the most well-known body builder of all time. Arnold Schwarzenegger is by far the most successful body builder of all time and has won Mr. Olympia seven times.
Arnold begins his journey in the basement at his parents’ home, wielding old workout equipment. At fifteen years old, Arnold gains muscle fast, and soon enough he is noticed my a former Mr. Austria. This attention sends Arnold to an Athletic Union in Graz, where major training takes place. Arnold worked for the Mr. Olympia title, “Schwarzenegger’s goal was to become the greatest bodybuilder in the world.” (Awesome body-info)
Along the way, Schwarzenegger enlists in the Austrian Army, gets off track, and then has to go to A.W.O.L to complete in Stuttgart. His dedication to bodybuilding earned him jail time, but shortly after, he wins the title of Jr. Mr. Europe. At only nineteen years old, Arnold had a bright future ahead of him with Jr. Mr. Olympia under his belt.
Not only were Arnold becoming a professional bodybuilder at nineteen years old, but he also competed in Olympic weightlifting and power-lifting contests. He was victorious in two weight lifting contests in 1966 and 1968. The road to becoming the greatest body builder of all time was looking short after victories in all contests, including a stone-lifting contest in Munich.
Eight years of hard work, led to Arnold’s victory in the Mr. Olympia Competition. In 1970, Arnold becomes the youngest Mr. Olympia in the world. From 1970 to 1975, Arnold holds ...

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...zi On Main along with invested in a restaurant chain called Planet Hollywood, Arnold has positively made a name for himself since arriving to the United States without a dollar to his name.
During his life, Arnold had to face many trial and errors, along with just plain failures but in the end, when you look back on his life, he pulled away with four great careers such as bodybuilding, actor, politician, and a businessman. He still remains as famous as ever, but he is as old as the hills. Arnold Schwarzenegger is a prime example of the American dream, and will always be a role model to boys and men throughout the United States and even the whole world. He will often be remembered in history as very influential man for bodybuilding and will forever have an impact on every young man who picks up his first weights at the gym and dream to look to like him one day.
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