Body Type and Obesity: What Factors Causes Obesity?

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Throughout history, different body types were desired in different civilizations around the world in different time period. The first sculpture representation of the human body 20,000-35,000 years ago depict obese female. During the Renaissance some of the upper class began to flaunt their large size, was considered to be beautiful and healthy, something that average women could not achieve back them. It was one of the ideal body shape that many societies want, evidence shown in art, painting, and sculptures of overweight women; it symbolizes wealth, high class, and healthy because they have enough to eat compared to others that was struggling from starvation. Despite what society portrait as someone who is healthy, is obesity really something that could be ignored? In modern days, there is plenty of food to feed everyone in most places around the world, maybe too much food that contains high amount of fats since the start of the fast food industry; portions are more than 1 serving. The problem with substance in food and lack of physical activity causes the raise obesity, the results of more health issues in America.
Compared to other countries, obesity is more problematic in the United States and also one of the highest rate of obesity along with Mexico. In 1990 only 20-30% of Americans are classified obese, in the 2000 that rate increased up to 30%, by 2009 it passed up to 30-40% of the population. (e.g figure 1) This actually raise the question of “what factor causes it” that make America this way and how it impact the world; the consequences of having heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and cancer. In Fast Food Nation, “ In the United States people have become increasingly sedentary- driving to work instead of walking, performi...

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... people in America. Food play a big role as well, it can help prevent illness as well as stop the spread of obesity.

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