Body Sketch: The Newest Trend

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As they say, “Beauty lies in the eyes of beholder”, a tattoo can be a piece of art or a permanent stain on the body depending on the perception of each individual. Tattoos are a growing trend as a way of identification or a fashion statement. The younger generations are greatly enticed with its popularity and uniqueness as they symbolize sophistication. ‘Getting inked’ has become more like a hysteria which has ultimately lost the real beauty of tattoos. In the article “Indelible Love: My Son’s Tattoos and Me”, Lois Desocio is worried about her son’s addiction to tattoos. Desocio’s concern for her son is plausible as tattoos automatically set negative impressions on people as they are taken as a counterculture in society. Counterculture is set of values once considered to have negative impacts on society, which is no longer followed by people. In our society, tattoos are considered to have adverse effects so they are a counterculture. However, the younger generations are highly under the influences of the body art which makes tattoos overrated. Unfortunately, tattoos are no longer appealing as they have become a mundane feature nowadays. Tattoos are charming piece of body art that reveals to the humankind. Tattooists can depict our personalities through a range of colored inks swayed from the drill. Getting inked has become an expression to mark significant events in an individual’s life. The dermis of the body is a canvas where people draw story of their lives, and hence tattoos play a vital role in their lives. Desocio’s son, Alec, is known as “the guy with tats” in the town as his love for tattoos has left him barely uncovered. Younger generations have taken tattoos as a tradition and are highly influenced to flaunt a tattoo ... ... middle of paper ... ..., every other person that we come across flaunts a tattoo as it has become more like a norm. However, we cannot judge them on the basis of their appearance as tattoos can hold sentiments to them. It is a creative way to give ourselves an identity by portraying our personalities. In fact, tattoos can be a perfect way to mark a significant event in our lives. We can cherish our precious moment for the rest of our lives by marking its importance. Tattoos have become a mainstream fashion, and are widely accepted around the world. The art form is getting platforms to be showcased and is highly appreciated around the world. Its popularity is rising at an alarming rate among every generation globally. Since then, it has commercialized to a great extent making it no longer unique. Sadly, tattoos have lost its charm and the appealing factor which they had in the past.
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