Body Preparation for Photo Shoot

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Body Preparation for Photo Shoot

Get a good night's sleep the two days before the shoot. Nothing wrecks a great photo more than a tired model.

Hair Conditioning

Healthy hair is thick hair. Thick hair is much more attractive in photos -- since it "lifts" off the top of the head and it "fills out" the air surrounding the head. The easiest way to achieve full hair is to use hair conditioner for at least two weeks. Additionally -- avoid using any hair dryers, heated curlers, or curling irons on your hair. This "heat" breaks down the hair proteins -- which leads to loss of hair volume and split and frayed hair.


Most people have problem nails. A simple solution it so apply nail coloring which is the same color as the "center" portion of the nail. By having the entire nail the same color -- it helps minimize the attention paid to hangnails, discolorations in the nail, and rough nail tips.


There is a right way, and a wrong way to shave. When shaving -- you want to "shave with the grain" of the hair. Each hair comes out of the skin at a particular angle. The handle of the razor should be pointed in the same direction. This shaves off the hair cleanly at the surface. If you shave "against the grain" of the hair -- the razor is "pulling" the hair out of the body as it cuts it -- so that the hair "snaps back" under the skin after being cut. The Razor Burn (redness, itching, bumps) associated with shaving are caused by the hair trying to push its way back through the skin.

When shaving longer hair (like pubic areas or legs) -- you will first want to use a very sharp scissors and trim the hair as close to the skin as possible. This will not only allow you to clearly see which direction the hair is coming out of the body -- but it also prevents the razor from "skipping & jumping" over long and tangled hairs (which leads to nicking of the skin).

To shave properly, get the skin and the hair very wet. Use a shaving cream or baby oil (preferred) to help the razor glide over the skin more easily. I recommend using baby oil -- since it still allows you to see the direction the hair is exiting the body.
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