Body Image Essay

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If you watch television, see movies, reed newspapers or flip through magazines, you 've probably noticed that beautiful women and men are everywhere. There perfect bodies leave everlasting impacts in our minds and inevitably influence the way we think about our bodies; thus, creating an ideal image. The ideal image causes men and women to do and think unhealthy things about what there bodies should look like. Out of all the women in the US only 5% of women naturally have the body type advertisements portray as beautiful; however, some women work to have this image. Famous people in media who have unrealistic bodies are playing out this image and setting standers of beauty for everyone. Clothing companies often hire models that obtain this…show more content…
Many people only think that women have the pressure of being flawless; however, the study shows that is not true. Not every men in the today’s world define themselves as dangerous, exciting, powerful, wealthy, tough, no emotions, has complete self-control, loves violence, and controlling women. These word our descriptions of what men are stereotyped in media. Also not everyone woman defines themselves as motherly, kind, powerless, emotion filled, no control, patient, creative, sexy and stupid. However, the media depict women to be this way. The reality is that research suggests that one in four people with eating disorders are men. Images of Adois-like male models with six-packs and, seemingly flawless professional athletes are shown every as an example of what men are suppose to look like. Girls are forced to look the right way to the point where they 're worth is often equated with their physical beauty. In fact, women experience an average of 13 negative thoughts about their body each day for example, an “I hate my body” thought. There was a survey done on 5th to 12th grade girls that looked at the negative influence of media on the perception of body image. 47% of the girls said they want to lose weight to look like famous people because of the people shown as beautiful on magazines. 69% said that magazine pictures influenced their idea of what the “perfect body” looks like (Jennifer L &Eugene V, 2004). Body image issues are relevant in both gender
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