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Body image is the perception that an individual has of their physical self, thoughts, and feelings that result from that perception. These feeling can be negative or positive. “The diet starts on Monday”, Written by Tamar Chnorhkian, revolves around a young teenager size 22, struggles to fit in a society where body image becomes a problem. Zara Hopaigan has a secret crush on Pablo who is, the hottest guy in school, Pablo already has a skinny girlfriend named Holly. To make matters worse, Zara gets bullied by Pablo’s twin sister. Zara hangs around with her best friend Carmelina they both go window shopping at Paramatta. Body image is a major theme that plays a big role in Zara’s journey where she learns some of life’s most lessons. Throughout, the book Tamar uses a lot of descriptive language in describing the body images of each character being presented. Furthermore, this book explains the thoughts and anxieties that Zara goes through in her day to day life. A quote from the book “Who will I go with? Will I lose any weight by then? Will I find a dress that fits? How will I pay for it now that I’m jobless? Will dad help me?”, these lines inform the reader about the stress, pain, and worries that Zara goes through because of how she is looked at in public. Tamar utilizes these statements to give a deeper understanding of the theme, body image. The quote shown above demonstrates a little insight into Zara’s mind which shows that she is constantly questioning herself because of the panic and fear she has about her weight. As we know, Zara is true friends with Carmelina and Max. Zara dreams to lose weight so she can be a part of the Fab4 (Danny, Holly, Pamela, and Pablo) and to impress the man of her dreams Pablo. This is a problem n... ... middle of paper ... ... in burning fat. “She turned around and checked out her arse in the mirror.”, “it’s as wide and meaty as a leg of lamb, she thought.” This extract continues itself with Zara explaining her body features. Referring to this text, it shows that Zara has a negative attitude to her body image/size. This also teaches young adults a lesson that if you can’t accept yourself, then how can you expect others to accept you. The perspective of Zara is similar to teenagers in reality. They’re obsessed with how they look, they worry their thighs are too flabby, their face is too chubby. The biggest insecurity of all this is the media, television, dolls, celebrity and so forth. In conclusion, we understand how body image played a big role in Zara’s journey. Towards the end. Zara sawed the trueness in max’s love and respect for her, while Pablo wasn’t the way she expected him to be.

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