Long ago, an Indian prince known as Siddhartha Gautama offered simple teachings that were used to free oneself from suffering by relating to the everyday experiences of life and mind. Buddhism is a living tradition that is passed from a teacher to a student as a set of instructions and techniques for creating sanity and brilliance in the world and in ourselves. Bodhisattvas are people who devote their life to helping others reach the goal of Buddhism. They contribute greatly to the evolution of the religion and without them; it would be more difficult to achieve Nirvana. No matter how old this religion is, it is as relevant and useful to peoples today as well as the past.
Siddhartha Gautama was born around 560 B.C.E. at Lumbini, which is now present day Nepal. He was brought up as a prince and he had a sheltered lifestyle. As he grew tired of life inside the palace, he went out. However while out, Siddhartha encounters old age, sickness, and death as well as the promise of a spiritual path. After seeing the suffering of human life, he decides to leave the kingdom to seek spiritual understanding. He studied for several years with the greatest teachers and thought that what he had been doing was not enough. Then one night many years later, he sits underneath a tree known as the Bodhi Tree and meditated. Siddhartha then proceeds to investigate the meanings of his mind, the universe and life itself. Thus, he reaches enlightenment. This enlightenment was a discovery created by Siddhartha Gautama based on the deepest level of meditation and the clearest experience of his own mind. This meant that he was free from the shackles of craving, ill-will, and delusion. Therefore, at this moment, Siddhartha Gautama becomes the Buddha and...

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...ld have trouble understanding how to reach Nirvana.
Buddhism is a living tradition that is passed from a teacher to a student as a set of instructions on how to create sanity and brilliance in ourselves and the world around us. It was a religion formed by an Indian prince named Siddhartha Gautama. Siddhartha was brought up in a sheltered lifestyle but when he left, he began his path onto reaching the ultimate goal: Nirvana. The ultimate goal of Buddhism is to break the cycle of death and rebirth; this happens when you reach Nirvana. However to get to Nirvana, one must understand the Four Noble Truths and follow the Eightfold Paths. There are some beings who give up Nirvana to help others reach it; they are known as bodhisattvas. They devote their life to the wellbeing of others and thus without Bodhisattvas, Nirvana would be difficult to reach for some but not all.
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