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Bobbie Ann Mason was born on May 1 1940 in Mayfield, Kentucky. She is the daughter of Wilburn Arnett Mason and Christianna Lee Mason, the eldest of four siblings. She grew up outside Mayfield on the family dairy. Her early years she had a close bond between her family and the farm which subsequently shaped her themes in her short stories. As she grew up on the farm she was influenced by nature and procured an eye for physical details. After transferring from a small country school to Mayfield High School, she was again influenced by a "culture shock" and "engendered feelings of inferiority" (Price) between classes of country folk and townspeople. Growing up she was an avid reader of children's detective stories and would attend the local drive in theater, watching several movies a week. These outlets allowed Mason to dream of escape from farm and small town life. Eventually her dreams led her to attend the University of Kentucky in Lexington, where she started out as a math major in 1958 before switching to journalism and ultimately receiving her B.A. in English literature in 1962. While she was a student, Mason pursued an interest in journalism, writing for the Mayfield Messenger during her off summers from University and for the school paper Kernel while school was in. Upon graduation, she moved to New York to work for Ideal Publishing Company as a writer for fan magazines. Being drawn back to academia, she attended the State University of New York at Binghamton to receive her M.A. in English literature in 1966. Soon following, she attended the University of Connecticut until 1971, where she was awarder her Ph.D. for her dissertation on Vladimir Nabokov's novel Ada in 1972. She married a fellow student, Roger Rawlings, in 1969. ... ... middle of paper ... ...bleak and minimal, but her themes all have a deep underlying meaning. Works Cited Collado-Rodríguez, Francisco. "Minimalism, Post-Humanism, And The Recovery Of History In Bobbie Ann Mason's "Zigzagging Down A Wild Trail.." Southern Literary Journal 39.1 (2006): 98-118. Academic Search Premier. Web. 01 May 2014. Cooke, Stewart J. "Mason's 'Shiloh.' (Bobbie Ann Mason)." The Explicator 3 (1993): 196. Academic OneFile. Web. 01 May 2014. Gwynn, R. S. "Shiloh." Literature: A Pocket Anthology. Boston: Longman, 2012. 291- 304. Print. Mason, Bobbie Ann. "Three-Wheeler." Zigzagging down a Wild Trail: Stories. New York: Random House, 2001. 101-114. Print. Mason, Bobbie Ann. "Thunder Snow." Zigzagging down a Wild Trail: Stories. New York: Random House, 2001. 63-79. Print. Price, Joanna. Understanding Bobbie Ann Mason. Columbia: U of South Carolina, 2000. Print.

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