Bob Marley's Life And Biography: Robert Nasta Marley

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Robert Nasta Marley popularly known as Bob Marley was born on February 6, 1945. Bob Marley was born to Jamaican singer and writer Cedella Booker (mother) and Royal Marines Captain Norval Sinclair Marley (father). He was born in the district Nine Miles located in Saint Ann Parish of Jamaica. Marley was a result of a teenage pregnancy therefore, became the reason for his parents’ marriage. Marley’s father was not always around due to his work oversees and didn’t have much of an influence on Marley’s life, he last met his father when he was only five years old. Marley’s father died of a heart attack when he was about 10 years old, and his mother later moved to Trench Town with him. After the death of Marley’s father his mother married a civil…show more content…
Cedella Booker pushed Marley to pursue a different career choice that will promise stability. Marley followed his mother’s advice and started a welding job but left it soon due to an eye injury the job caused. During working hours a small steel element was lodged into Marley’s eye and became the reason for leaving the job. After quitting the welding job, Marley solely wanted to focus on his music career. Marley then produced his first singles with the help of Leslie Kong, who was a music producer. When the singles failed to grab any audience then Marley was only paid $20.00 for all of his three singles, which included Terror, Judge not, and one more cup of coffee (Burke, 2014). In 1963, Bob Marley and O’Riley Livingston met Peter McIntosh and combined forces to create the group called The Wailers. The group became widely popular in Jamaica and their first single was on top of the charts. The group also included Cherry Smith, Junior Braithwaite and Beverly Kelso, all the group members left soon after the group was facing financial troubles (Gilmore, 2005). As the group drifted apart then Bob Marley left for USA to visit his mother, he came back to Jamaica after the Rastafarian movement. Rastafarian movement is a belief system which states that Haile Selassie I is god and will come back to Africa for black community as consolidation for…show more content…
The concert took place on April 22, 1978 in Jamaica’s capital. Michael Manley and the opposition leader Edward Seaga were both present at the event to celebrate a remarkable day for Jamaican history. The concert represented love, togetherness, and peace, which is everything Marley ever hoped to ask from the Jamaican public. Marley took to the homeland stage after a year and a half, Marley was joined by the Wailers to perform some of the best-selling singles. The main highlight of the concert occurred when Marley asked both political party leaders to join him on the stage and asked them to shake hands to portray unity. Marley was successful in having the two biggest political rivals join hands and represent the message of love, unity and hope for the Jamaican

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