Bob Marley: The Greatest Reggae Singer And Marley

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Bob Marley was, and still is one of the greatest Reggae music icons in the history of the music industry. His name given at birth in 1945 was Robert Nestla Marley, but took the nickname of Bob. He was an accomplished singer and songwriter in from 1962 when he began producing music, until 1981 when he unfortunately died of cancer in his toe after it had spread to other parts of his body. Although he had died at the young age of 36, he had many accomplishments including, being a part of the famous music group known as the Wailers, releasing his album called the Exodus in 1977, and selling more than 75 million records, making him one of the best music artists in history. Although Marley passed at a young age, his legacy is still strong, and he will likely always be considered the greatest Reggae singer and songwriter of all time. Bob Marley is well known for producing Reggae music starting in 1962. He was a Reggae singer who increased the popularity of Reggae music. He was born on February 6th, 1945, in Nine Miles, St. Ann, Jamaica. His father’s name is Norval Sinclair Marley and his mother’s name is Cedella Marley. He…show more content…
According to ABC-CLIO, “he played and brought it to a mainstream”(Reggae Music). He brought and popularized Reggae music internationally unlike anyone had ever done before. His “Universal message of the power and dignity of the human spirit made an unforgettable impact on the possibilities for social and political efficacy in the realm of popular music.”(ABC-CLIO) In 1976, he made the top music charts in the United States with his album Rastaman Vibration. This led to an increase in populartiy in the United States. Bob Marley and The Wailers were known as the one group who could popularize Reggae music internationally. According to (Britannica), “his songs were some of the best-liked and most critically acclaimed music in the popular

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