Bob Dylan and Media Distribution Channels

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Bob Dylan and the Media

Throughout most of Bob Dylan's career as a musician, radio was the main form of media that was used to convey his message to the public. From the first album in the early 1960's to the 1990's, radio was and still is the main way in which the public receives his lyrics. It also remains to be the way Dylan is able to communicate his messages to us. My question is; How have the outlets of information changed through the years, and which method of the media is more effective? Is one better than the other for the purposes of relaying Dylan's messages to the public?

Bob Dylan is famous for his straight forward and bold lyrics. Since the beginning of his long career as an artist, people of the United States and all across the world have not only listened to his musical talent but respected his ideas as a leader. Bob Dylan, like so many other musicians of his day, got his start on the radio. This was a way for musicians to relay messages to the rest of society. This gave people all across the world a feeling of belonging. It provided a basis for people to share common interests with others across the world.

Music concerts was another way of passing Dylan's messages to the public. A typical concert performed by Dylan included fifty thousand people in an arena, and another fifty thousand outside of the gates. For the lucky ones, those which were able to enter the concert (either by paying or sneaking in), the concerts are a way which everyone is able to receive the desired message at precisely the same time. Another positive idea about concerts is; by watching someone whom they have been listening to for years, people get a sense of hope, inspiration, and the face behind the name.

The third source of media that Dylan used to communicate his thoughts and music ability, was through albums. Over the course of Dylan's long career, he has released more than 40 albums. Starting in the 1960's and ending in the 1990's, when the compact disc was introduced and gained popularity. An album is a way of playing back individual songs, simply by releasing the needle on whatever song you would like played. As albums became more and more popular, Dylan was now able to convey his message to a wider variety of people.

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